Comprehensive Dentist in Arlington, Texas

How many times have you gone to a dental office, only to find out that they don’t offer the service you need? Do you make appointments at different dentists for each family member because you can’t find one that can meet the dental needs of everyone in the family? Sometimes, in your family’s busy [...]

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The Best Things to do for Your Teeth

Your teeth are important. You can’t imagine life without them. They are needed for speaking and chewing; necessary for everyday living. You want to take great care for your teeth, but with all the advice out there on the best way to do that, it is difficult to determine what is really essential in maintaining [...]

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Creating the Perfect Smile

The quickest way to come across as kind, friendly, happy, and confident is by showing a fantastic smile. Comedian and actress Phyllis Diller once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” As one of the funniest people Hollywood has known, she would certainly be an expert. But what if you weren’t born [...]

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Bringing Quality Dental Care to Arlington

Arlington is best known for the Cowboys, Hurricane Harbor, and River Legacy Park. The people here are friendly, polite, and always willing to help another person. Twenty-one years ago, Dr. Britton bought this practice because he found something in this city that he just knew felt like home. Ever since then, he has tried to [...]

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How Can Invisalign Change Your Life?

When mentioning braces to patients, many immediately jump to a picture of traditional bracket braces. With all the advance in orthodontics over the last two decades, the most exciting one for wearers is Invisalign. This method of straightening teeth is exciting because it makes the process more desirable and discreet for its wearers. Benefits of [...]

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